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      Forward Facing Camera for Truck and Bus

      Nov 29, 2021

      Forward Facing Camera for Truck and Bus Fleets have a variety of optional add-ons available to put on trucks. As technology advances, there are all sorts of hardware and software that offer advantages to trucking operations truck drivers. One such item is the forward-facing camera for buses, commercial truckers, and it is all the rage […]

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      What is the best reversing backup camera for trucks?

      Nov 17, 2021

      Choosing the best backup camera for heavy duty vehicles is vital when helping the drivers achieve easier and safer reversing manoeuvres. The rear blind are is difficult to manage and makes parking, towing and reversing both dangerous and difficult. A reversing backup camera is the perfect solution to avoid the issue, saving costs, vehicle down […]

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      Truck Blind Area Side Alarm Sensor Camera Visual System

      Nov 1, 2021

      Lintech & Kysail introduces its active camera and ultrasound radar detection system, to reduce the truck’s side blind area and increase safety. The turn assist system actively alerts the driver when cyclists, pedestrians or other road users are present in the blind spot of the truck. Therefore increases the safety of vulnerable road users in […]

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      How to Measure The View Angle of Car Rear View Cameras?

      Jul 13, 2021

      There are many car Rear view cameras sold on the market advertise their large view angle lens, claiming that their lenses can reach 120 degrees, 150 degrees, or even 170 degrees. In fact, their claimed the view angle is Diagonal view angle, not the Horizontal view angle, that’s cunning not clarify the difference between diagonal […]

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      Apr 27, 2018

      When it comes to the interior space nothing really greets the guests with warmth quite like an elegant light fixture in the interiors of a house. The right lights can add elegance and style to your home decor. To complete the illumination of the space, it requires task and ambient lights. Wall lamps have a unique ability to fulfill all the lights requirements of a particular space without the design appearing contrived. Hence wall lamp is the vital part of staging the whole look of the house.

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      Car Surveillance Equipment Manufacturer

      Lintech/Kysail is the top manufacturer of automobile surveillance products. We specializes in car cameras, car LCD monitors, dvrs, wired & wireless backup systems, etc. We have strict quality control system to ensure the reliability and efficiency of our equipment.