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Trailer Cable Feature:

  • 7 PIN AP-TP20 metal connector with male and female connector
  • Waterproof function
  • 4 PIN metal connector for CCD Camera
  • Length selectable
  • With elasticity length from 3 000mm to 4 500mm
  • Very tight connection durable and reliable
  • Connecting and disconnecting when hitching your caravan is easy with this heavy duty permanent fitting connector
  • Cast alloy connector can be mounted adjacent on same bracket
  • Suitable for truck trailer semitrailer or caravan applications


Trailer Cable for 1 Channel Camera Connection



Model No.: LA-TPE7-1


–7Pins/12V and 24V spiral cable / suzie cable
–TPE cable 6 x 1.0 + 1 x 1.5 square millimeter
–With hand hook injection plastic plugs
–Coil diameter: 50mm
Work length: 3m
–Maximum extension length: 4.5m
–Standard Extension cable: 10m Female 4pin aviation connector + 15m Male 4pin aviation connector(Customized was available)