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1.Heavy duty Trucks and Bus bracket for different universal monitor.
2.Support adjust right to left, and up / down any direction adjustable.
3.Full Iron and aluminum alloy strong / durable enough.

A properly mounted unit ensures that rear view images are on screen and in sight. Our monitor mounting brackets in the duckfoot style secure units on any surface, including specialized windshields. Universal mounts for LCD monitors can be an integral part of a backup camera system. If you’re managing a fleet of varying types of vehicles, a universal monitor mount can be a time saver for you and a lifesaver for drivers who need danger zone information.
We’re specialists in building parts that situate commercial cameras and monitors most effectively. You’ll also find equipment for exterior mounting in our vehicle camera housing selection.

Vehicle Mounting Bracket for Backup Monitor Installation
Use a sturdy vehicle mounting bracket for every backup camera monitor you install. Commercial and RV drivers need monitor adjustability out on the road. We have the vehicle bracket mounts, telescoping arm mounts, and omni ball mounts for Kysail rearview monitors. Depending upon the monitor mounting choice, you can telescope the unit forward, ease it back, or pivot and swivel the device for optimal images. Now you can choose a truck or car mounting bracket that delivers flexibility, plus fast backup monitor installations and removals.

The ball is make from rubber material with satin finish, which has excellent anti-skid and shock absorption effect.
Main body is marine grade aluminum material, adapter CNC precision machining, Sophisticated technology, strong toughness.


Heavy duty bracket, ball type function support adjust right to left, and up / down any direction. Standard bracket size good for universal 9″ and 10″ Monitors mounting. 


Hold your Monitor display Devices on the dashboard tightly and safely.