Auto Cable Rewinder for Forklift Vision System


                               Auto Cable Rewinder 

    • 5 Meter cable with 4/5 cores
    • TPR Strong cable cover
    • Voltage 220VAC/1A or 36VDC/3A
    • Operate temperatures -20 – 80 C-degree
    • Indoor use (IP53)
    • Natural life:100,000times (min)
    • 4pin connector

    The Forklift Safe-View Camera Cable Reel is an excellent tool to power and complete the Safe-View Camera System.  The Safe-View is extremely easy to install and operate.

    Forklift Safe-View Camera Cable Reel Features and Benefits:

    • Can be mounted anywhere on the forklift
    • Easy installation and operation

    Forklift Safe-View Camera Cable Reel Specifications:

    • Operating Temperature: -4F to 155 F RH 90%