This product is a support for 4/8 channels analog audio and video recording and playback of vehicle mounted HD hard disk video recorder, while its own network functions. Products using DSPS ARM dual core processor, built-in Linux embedded operating system, and combined with the IT field of the most advanced H.265 video codec, 3G/4G network, GPS/BD positioning, WIFI and other technologies. Recording the vehicle driving information and uploading by wireless data, together with the center software, which can realize the central monitoring, remote management of alarm linkage and playback analysis based on the center database.


    DVR Specification

    ItemWorking ParameterDemonstration
    power input8V—36VThe input voltage is +8V~+36V. It is recommended to input 12V or above with the camera work. Do not exceed 36V for a long time to avoid burning the machine.
    Power consumption<4.5WWorking with cameras <10W
    Output Voltage12VThe output voltage is 12V (±0.2V) and the maximum current is 3A.
    ACC Detection≤6.9VThe car key is turned off and the device is turned off.
    ≥7.1VThe car key is turned on and the device is turned on.
    video input impedance75ΩEach channel video input impedance is 75Ω.
    Video Output1Vp-pOutput a 1Vp-p CVBS analog signal.
    Alarm InputI/O Interface0—2V is a low voltage alarm.
    5V-36V is a high voltage alarm.
    Operating temperature-30℃—-70℃Refers to the ambient temperature under well ventilated conditions.
    SystemOSEmbed Linux
    Operating LanguageChinese、English、other(can be customized)
    Video CompressionH.265
    Password SecurityTwo level managements: user password/admin password
    VideoVideo Output2ch video output (one is CVBS, one is VGA)
    PreviewSupport single channel and 4 channel or 6 channel or 8 channel preview
    Video FormatPAL or NTSC



    RS485 ProtocolSupport 1*RS485 port
    RS232 ProtocolSupport 1*RS232 port
    3G/4GBuilt-in 3G or 4G communication module
    WIFIBuilt-in WIFI module(2.4/5.8GHz is optional)
    GPSBuilt-in GPS module; latitude, longitude, speed, etc. can be superimposed
    to video files, and can be uploaded wirelessly
    G-SensorBuilt-in G-Sensor



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