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Product Introduction:

4 Ultrasonic Sensors

The 4 Ultrasonic Parking Sensors has Double CPU and advanced chipset for enhanced coverage and detection. Whether you are a driver, a passenger or simply a pedestrian walking, this device is important to install in every vehicle. Whether it is a car, a trailer, a van, or a truck, these sensors can serve as your protector and saviour outside your home. The crystal clear heavy-duty camera provides better images and videos for safer and a more worry-free driving.

12V-24V main box detection distance 0.5m~3.0m buzzer LED car parking sensor for truck/bus/mining/trailer

1.LED parking sensor system with alarm buzzer
2.With digital colored LED display (number & light)
3.Help to provide increased safety for passengers, pedestrians and family members who happen to be around the moving vehicle.
4.Step by step alarm with black and white display
5.The detector of the radar perfectly matches the car body.
6.Buit-in alarm Buzzar






1) Van 4 probe reversing radar system, applicable to all the large vehicles;
2) When vehicle starts to reverse, system start working, or keeping work;
3) Sensor detection range: 0 m ~ 3.0 m (Special require: 5.0meter optional)
4) Speech at distance range: 0.3 meters to 3.0 meters;
5) Probe cable length : 3m standard (Customized)
6) Cable connection installation, prevent radio interference;
7) Lightning protection anti-interference boxes;
8) Bracket screws or punch probe (waterproof for thread form 4 probe);
9) 4 pins screw on extension cable to connect monitor to main control box, 15 meters;(other length customized);
10) Power input:12- 24VDC; Stand by : less than 1W
11) Operating frequency: 40 KHZ.
12) Probe Beam Angle: single Angle 60-80 degrees, can choose double Angle Y = 60-80 degrees, X = 100-120 degrees.
13) Size: length x width x height = 166mm x 100mm x46mm.
14) Low temperature – 40 °C, high temperature of 80 °C;