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Product Introduction:

4 Ultrasonic Sensors

The 4 Ultrasonic Parking Sensors has Double CPU and advanced chipset for enhanced coverage and detection. Whether you are a driver, a passenger or simply a pedestrian walking, this device is important to install in every vehicle. Whether it is a car, a trailer, a van, or a truck, these sensors can serve as your protector and saviour outside your home. The crystal clear heavy-duty camera provides better images and videos for safer and a more worry-free driving.



7 Inches HD Monitor

The wide 7″ HD Monitor featuring 2AV inputs and 800 x 480 Digital Screen guarantees crystal clear image and video. This means that the monitor produces a sharper and brighter image and video if compared to the usual LCD display being offered in the market today. This same high-quality monitor refreshes a bit faster than any regular LCD monitor. It also shows the motion more flawlessly. If you want to guarantee convenient viewing, this sensor set is equipped with such an excellent and state-of-the-art monitor.


480TVL CCD Reversing Camera

It doesn’t matter whether you are using the 4 Ultrasonic Sensors at daytime or nighttime. This essential car security device boasts of  CCD reversing camera that produces clear images whether it is day or night. This means that you are about to own a that guarantees you picture perfect, better contrast in colour, and impressively features 11 infrared LED bulbs automatically alighting for maximum performance. With this specification, you can be sure of safe driving anytime, anywhere you are. The reversing function lets the driver see everything around and outside his car to avoid possible occurrence of accidents.



–Control Box can integrate the Sensor distance data and Camera’s image signal, and display on the Monitor.

–Parking sensor with Buzzer alarm.

–Driver will can see, can hear at the same time.


Control box specification

1. Lightning protection anti-interference host (12-24 VDC)
2. With buzzer BI..BI..BI.. When backup vehicle, The volume is not less than 100 db.
3. Monitor direct connection control box, cable length without being limited by the car.
4. Distance and image of camera will display on the Screen
5. Style probe: Bracket screws or punch probe
6. Probe special waterproof design, level of waterproof IP67.
7. Lightning protection design, containing 600 w TVS diode.
8. 7 inch TFT lcd monitor, ccd sensor camera
9. Reversing system+parking sensor system
10.The sensor installation interval of 40 cm is most suitable




1) Van 4 probe reversing radar system, applicable to all the large vehicles;
2) When vehicle starts to reverse, system start working, or keeping work;
3) Sensor detection range: 0 m ~ 3.0 m (Special require: 5.0meter optional)
4) Speech at distance range: 0.3 meters to 3.0 meters;
5) Probe cable length : 3m standard (Customized)
6) Cable connection installation, prevent radio interference;
7) Lightning protection anti-interference boxes;
8) Bracket screws or punch probe (waterproof for thread form 4 probe);
9) 4 pins screw on extension cable to connect monitor to main control box, 15 meters;(other length customized);
10) Power input:12- 24VDC; Stand by : less than 1W
11) Operating frequency: 40 KHZ.
12) Probe Beam Angle: single Angle 60-80 degrees, can choose double Angle Y = 60-80 degrees, X = 100-120 degrees.
13) Size: length x width x height = 166mm x 100mm x46mm.
14) Low temperature – 40 °C, high temperature of 80 °C;