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Wired heavy duty night vision bracket camera system displays camera view when vehicle is in reverse. Wired Color Night Vision Camera is designed to be installed practically anywhere on a vehicle or trailer. This system is designed for large heavy duty trucks and vehicles and RV’s. This system also includes a 7” LCD with heavy duty windshield bracket that can be installed on windshield or dash. When the camera powers on, the LCD will display what is behind the vehicle. This camera includes 18 night vision LED lights that will illuminate at night giving the driver good visibility at night. This system is designed for trucks, commercial trucks, RV,s buses and more.


This design of reversing camera has been around for many years. They are the most popular design for larger vehicles such as lorries and farm vehicles. We produce for these cameras use top quality moulds that use rubber seals rather than sealant you find in cheaper cameras. They are tested to IP69 and in our experience very rarely have issues with water getting in. They use a 1/3″ Sharp /Sony 700 TVL CCD sensor which gives an excellent picture day and night. We use a stainless steel bracket to avoid corrosion of the bracket which is common with mild steel ones. They use our 4 pin connector that locks and is waterproof.

This heavy duty trailer link is for use on HGV where the signal from 1 camera mounted on the trailer need to be linked to the monitor in the cab. It uses our standard 4 pin connectors and matches all our 4 pin cables. You add the length of cables required to each socket. The coil is 0.7m and stretches easily to 3m. 




  • 7″ 16:9 TFT Colour LCD Widescreen Format
  • Resolution: 800×480 digital
  • 2 Video Inputs (2-CH AHD, 1-CH CVBS optional)
  • One way audio input
  • Button with a green backlight
  • Remote Control, OSD Menu
  • Contrast, Colour, Brightness adjustable
  • Language support:English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italy.
  • With Sunshade design to avoid sun glare.
  • Can connect to DVD/MP4/Camera etc
  • Mirror/Normal View Switch:
    The monitor controls the camera view between a mirror image and a normal image. This allows the connected cameras to be used either as backup or forward-facing cameras.



–IP68 Waterproof Rating
–With 18 infra-red lights, the backup camera will be able to see up to 50ft even in complete darkness! This night vision will be even without any ambient light at all.

–Better picture clarity, color contrasting and sharpness

–Heavy duty hard metal cased with 6.8G-force rated shock resistant

–Waterproof and Mudproof

Notice: This camera works very well at night. Don’t put it close to your windshield. There will be too much glare from the IR lights.